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Essay: One day, while the nurse was administering back injections, she asked me to hold a patient’s hand to soothe her. As she trembled from the injections In doing so, I began to see just how much difficulty patients underwent (crossed out) endured, from their medical issues and even treatments. Response by Vinay: Can you make this more "in the moment"? You jumped from a specific example to a general statement about your experience. It would be more effective to continue with the specific example.
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She gave specific feedback within the essay and follow up questions that helped my daughter focus her narrative while keeping her voice
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Olga was terrific! She’s very knowledgeable & her response time was amazingly quick!! She was a pleasure to work with!!!
Alexis S.
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Helpful and actionable feedback! This is the guy to go with for essay review!
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My essays: Common App Personal Essay. Short response essay. Overall feedback from Vinay: Thanks for sharing your essay with me! I can see that you’ve put a lot of thought into the ‘If I were…’ framework to show the reader sides of yourself. I especially enjoyed the reference

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